After 3 sessions with Dave Rice, I found religion, saved my marriage, adopted a teenage refugee from Rwanda, got in touch with my inner child, rid myself of unwanted dandruff flakes, increased my sex drive, decreased my waist size, revitalized my career, received an honorary PhD, saw Haley's comet; watched Spiderman 3, got tattooed, blew a monkey, and won the lottery. Don't even ask what happened after my fourth session. Let's just say I have a 5 picture deal with Vivid Video, and Jenna Jameson has my number on speed dial.

Thanks Dave. You da man.

I am Dave's oldest client (over 60). When I started with Dave, I hadn't exercised in 30 years and had become very weak. I was worried that he would ask me to do things I couldn't do. He started me out with easy, simple exercises, but kept changing them so I never lost interest. After 2 years, I was not only a lot stronger, but had lost nearly 50 pounds. It's now been 3 years, and Dave continues to scale the exercises for me, since I can't do many of the things the younger folks do, but I am so much stronger and more confident, and I can do things I never thought that I would be able to do.
Thanks Dave
Barbara Majeroni, MD

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