Stuffed cubanelle peppers with turkey cutlets and shrimp cooked in a white wine sauce with a bowl of mixed fruit.

Stuffed peppers (learn this mix, its great with eggs, in a wrap, or by itself):
shit load of finely chopped spinach
Chopped onions
chopped tomatoes
minced garlic (fresh or badia)
chopped meat, I typically opt for the grilled chiken strips that oscar meyer makes (lots of sodium though)
Add seasoning to taste; I use basil, oregano, black pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.
Mix in some olive oil.
Mix it up, jam it in your vegetable of choice and bake at 350 degrees for 20 -30 minutes. MmmmMmmm good. And 100% Paleo.

Fort the turkey main course:

Brown some garlic in olive oil
Add chopped onion
Add some white wine (I'm a firm believer in "you cook with what you would drink," no cheap ass cooking wine for me. Pinot grigio, or Pinot Noir for red meat.)
Add shrimp (mmmm)
Add some chopped tomato
Add turkey cutlets
Season with cumin (very important) oregano, thyme, black pepper, and garlic powder.
Simmer to perfection.

100% Paleo, tons of protein, lots of plant carbs, and a good source of omegas, and healthy fats. Sub 4 fran time here we come....

got this one out of the paleo book itself i think. it's a great side dish and super easy to make

Take a large zucchini and scrape out the seeds/pulp and save the scrapings.

combine the zucchini scrapings with some chopped tomato, red onion, garlic and pine nuts. Mix ingredients and sautee in olive oil.

Place sauteed mixture back in the zucchini, and then bake the entire concoction in the oven at 350 degrees until its nicely browned on top.

Higley Leetuce Wraps with turkey AKA chinese tacos

1 six pack of beer of choice. I recommend Leinenkugle's Beriweis.
1 head of lettuce
1 tray of ground turkey (breast)
Organic Honey
Low Sodium Soy sauce
1 onion
Shit load of garlic
various spices depending on what you're into

Easy recipe. Wash the lettuce. Peel each layer so you get a "lettuce bowl." Put on a plate and set aside.

In a large sauce pan, wok, etc, brown a shit load of garlic in some olive oil.
Add a chopped onion. Let cook until you feel like it. Drink a beer and contemplate how much you hated/loved today's WOD, but did it anyway.
Add a tray of ground turkey (breast is 99% fat free for those of you counting blocks. And I say Fuck that). Mix it up with the garlic/onion add low sodium (and thats important) soy sauce, organic honey, ground pepper and other various spices to taste. I specifically add basil, oregano, garlic powder and ground sage. Don't ask for measures, just use your eye. Drink another beer. Mix in and chop up the turkey breast. Then add a little white wine and let simmer until cooked. Meanwhile drink some more beer.

Spoon the turkey stuff in a lettuce leaf and eat it while simultaneously drinking more beer. MmmmMmmm good. I'd say about 99% paleo depending on your spices and soy sauce.

Higley Style Scrambled Eggs

This is easy. Take whatever stuff you have left over form last night's dinner and scramble it up with eggs or egg whites. Good eating. Depending on your CHL levels you may opt for the egg whites. This works especially well with the spinach mixture from the stuffed vegetables, and the turkey fill from the lettuce wraps.

Easy Breakfast on the go

Slice a whole tomato
Drizzle olive oil over slices
Add basil, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper to taste
Splash with balsamic vinegar or better yet lemon juice
Add slices of you cheese of choice (optional, not paleo)

Put all this in a tupperware container and shake to mix.

Easy breakfast. Not so paleo, but loaded with protein.

Whole wheat english muffin. Add a shit load of natural peanut butter. Skip the jiff. If you don't have to stir it, its not natural peanut butter.

Neither the muffin or the PB are paleo, FYI. But, then again, neither is my wife's ass.

More Paleo the Dominoes Pizza

Pre-heat oven to 350

On a wheat flat bread of your choice:
Spread your favorite pasta sauce (not so paleo) or low sodium tomato paste (now we're talking).
Add chopped spinach, onions, tomato, garlic, etc
Add chicken, turkey, or whatever lean protein you want.
Add cheese if you wish (not paleo, but gorgonzola is good).
Bake on 350 until egdes are brown/cheese is melted/you feel like its been long enough

Omelet De Huevos (Egg omelet, duh.)

In a medium skillet, add about a table spoon of olive oil and heat it up on medium-high heat. When its hot, spread it around the bottom and edges of the pan by swirling.

In a bowl, crack open your eggs and mix well.

Dump the mixed eggs in the skillet.

Add whatever you want. Today I threw in chopped spinach, turkey, tomatoes, onions, etc.

Stir it up, reduce heat to low and cover. Check periodically, you'll no its done when there is no slimy stuff on top anywhere, usually about 10 minutes or so depending on heat.

Season to taste. Serves 2-3 if your human. Serves 1 if you crossfit. 100% paleo.

grilled shrimp name it what you want

take a bunch of bamboo skewers and soak them in water. If you don't they will catch in the grill.

get your shrimp, frozen or fresh and get rid of the bad parts (shell them, devein them, etc).

In bowl, mix lime juice, maybe 3/4 cup? (I'm not real big on measurements) maybe 1/4 of olive oil, some minced garlic, a few-10 shakes of dill weed, some white wine, ground sage, and a couple dashes of tumeric. Stir this up real good with a fork or something. Throw this mixture in with the shrimp and let it sit for a while.

Skewer the shrimp (for larger shrimp, its better to use 2 skewers for each "bob;" like a shrimp ladder. This will prevent the shrimp from turning on the skewer). Grill evenly on both sides until done. Use the remainder of the marinade. Brush it on as the shrimp cook.

Serve it how you like. I like it over a bed of spinach with a sliced orange, pineapple, or something like that.

Easy enough and 100% paleo.

got this recipe from chris in the morning. take a boiled egg, cut it in half, remove the yolk and refill with hummus. delicious.

Paleo Baked Apples

Get an apple of your choice and core it however you want. I typically stare at the apple until the core falls out on its own like the apple shit itself out of Higley Fear; usually takes under 30 seconds. You can use a knife if you have to...

In a bowl, mix a handful each of the following: raisins, craisins (or whatever dried fruit of your choice, fresh blueberries, and chopped walnuts. That's right walnuts. Not almonds. Walnuts are better. Read the fookin' book. Add some organic honey, a few full table spoons, and dash in some cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Be careful with the nutmeg, a little goes a looong way. Now add some white wine, not too much. I'm a big fan of cooking with what you would drink, but I don't drink white wine. Tonight I used some vendage pinot grigio; comes in a carton, good for cooking. Mix that stuff up nice!

Put some foil on the bottom of a baking pan and put the apple(s) in. Spoon in the mixture into the hole that the cowardly core left when it abandoned ship, and drizzle whatever is left over your dessert. Add a little bit of water to the bottom of the pan.

Set the oven on 350 ish and bake until you can poke a fork in the apple with little to no resistance. Should be about 20 - 30 minutes depending on the size of your fruit. Some weaker folks eat this with a little vanilla ice cream. I wouldn't know how that tastes. Let it cool and eat. Then WOD. And WOD again.

Paleo chicken wings

Get some chicken wings at Wegmans (you fuckers, I have shitty Publix down here).

In a bowl mix the wings, some olive oil, oregano, basil, fresh garlic, ground pepper and garlic salt if you want (not paleo). I'd love to give you specific measures on these but I don't keep track.

Once the wings are covered, grill them evenly on both sides until they are done. Tasty.

And if you ever wondered, that's what happened to the dinosaurs. Now go WOD and think on this.

pineapple chicken:

simmer some chicken stock (i used thai culinary stock, a little spicier) with crushed fresh pineapple, add in 2 or 3 cloves of freshly crushed garlic, a handful of almonds, add red pepper flakes to taste. Once this has simmered for about 5-10 minutes in a frying pan, add a few chicken breasts, cover them and cook until chicken is done. flip chicken to ensure proper cooking.

I am not the best “Zoner” in the world. I don’t like a wide variety of foods, especially veggies, but I make do. Here is my typical Monday-Friday menu.

My 20 Block Day
Every meal I eat Wegemen’s “Fitness Mix” nuts and seeds for my fat. I weight and measure most of my food. My $30 digital scale from Target has taken a beating.

07:30am Breakfast (4 Blocks)
P – 3 Eggs – Omelet Style
1 slice of yellow American cheese
C – 1 Banana & 1 Orange

1130 Lunch (4 Blocks)
P – 4.5 ounces of deli meat (half ham, half turkey)
1 slice of yellow American cheese
C – 1 orange & 1 apple

1530 Lunch (4 Blocks)
P – 4.5 ounces of deli meat (half ham, half turkey)
1 slice of yellow American cheese
C – 1 orange & 1 apple

1930 Post WOD Snack (2 Blocks)
Shake (Or post WOD Treat)
P – 2/3 scoop of Chocolate Vitamin Shop Whey Protein
C – 1 cup of frozen blueberries
Water and Ice, blend

2100 Dinner (4 Blocks)
P – 4 ounces of meat on the Foreman Grill
Most of the time I eat skinless chicken breast, sometimes its pork chops or a steak
C – Small can of Wegeman’s brand cream of corn or half a can of black beans

2300 Snack (2 Blocks)
P, C, F – 2 cups of 2% milk
I add a teaspoon of whey protein to take the “edge” off the milk. No nuts and seeds with this meal.

sauteed spaghetti squash:

buy 1 spaghetti squash and steam for several minutes in the microwave until it is easily scraped out with a fork. once it is cooked enough to scrape, do so into a large bowl and set aside.
sautee up some olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and fresh basil leaves(if available, if not maybe some dried will do). Once this mixture begins to brown up and basil leaves wilt down, stir in spaghetti squash and sautee until slightly browned.

I have even heard of people using spaghetti squash with regular tomato sauce...not sure how i feel about that one, but go for it. probably not that bad.

Also, check out Barilla plus if you can't give up the pasta. It's made with chick pea flour i think, has a lot of protein and omega-3s.

Ok girls, this is my typical Mon.-Fri. menu plan. I'm a little more flex on the weekends and I REFUSE to give up beer so I count that as fat, cal., carb. and sugar free! You'll never see me sipping a cosmo. Unless you own a BMW chances are you are not going to buy a $30 digital scale. The $5 one I bought at Dollar General works just swell. Remember, a cup is usually the size of your palm.

I generally just stick to 3 block for meals and 1 block for snacks.

-3/4 cup low fat, small curd cottage cheese mixed with 1 cup grapes. You can use any fruit but I like to use grapes cuz Kev loves them too.

-1/2 cup plain low fat yogurt
-about 8 pecans crushed and mixed in yogurt

-Healthy portion (bout 2 cups) of greens with chicken and loaded with veggies.
-1-2 Tbs. dressing
-3oz. deli meat (love chicken or turkey)
-1 oz. cheese
-apple or orange
-little handful of almonds

-apple or orange

-protein shake. Mix powder according to direction with one banana, 1 cup milk and ice. Blend until milkshake-like texture.

Currently I'm using soy protein. I only buy whats on sale cuz it's expensive.

Dinner ideally would be:
-3 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast
-very sexy portion of spinach salad

I'm weak when it comes to dinner. I hate cooking for one person and still need to get more disciplined with it. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat Chef Boyardee or whatever junk Kevin will only eat.

My plan is to start putting my slow cooker to use and preparing a bunch of meals (i.e. chili, beef stew)measure them up and freeze so I can just take it out of freezer and heat up.

When my tapeworm acts up and I'm still hungry at night I love an apple with 2Tbs. of almond butter for dipping. Tea also helps you feel satisfied. I also snack on almonds throughout the day. Helps curb hunger.

The ONLY beverages I drink is water, coffee and beer. NEVER pop!!

The last sentence of your last post brought up, what I think, is a great topic of discussion regarding diets.

I'll eat a relatively clean, paleo diet for a few days--and then have the day where I take down 30 wings and a large pizza--but I know I'm gonna pay for it (exhibit one: my gut).

However, and I'm not making accusations here but I'm sure I'm not alone, how many of us will be drinking that 2nd latte of the day or 18th Coors Light (for hydration, of course) and not give it a whole lot of thought?

I just opened my fridge and beverage-wise it contains Welch's 100% Grape w/ Fiber, Arizona Iced Tea Lemon Flavor, Rock Star Energy Drink, several varieties of beers and some Mountain Dew. With the exception of the Welch's and beers (clearly)bI would say that I'm dumping some pretty heinous stuff down my throat--refined sugars, colorings, additives, etc.

The simple answer is: don't drink that crap. At what point though does having a strict diet become so cumbersome that is actually detracts from some simple everyday pleasures in life?

Obviously people are going to cheat. But if you generally don't pollute yourself with all that crap then it's ok once in a while. I personally have never been a pop drinker, juice drinker, etc. so maybe that why it's easy for me to not drink any of that. I find it to be a HUGE waste to consume empty calories, sugar etc. through drinks EXCEPT beer. I don't think people put any thought as to what is actually in a latte or cafe mocha and if they knew, I bet a bunch would cut back. All it takes is a little research.

The point of this is that alot of new people have showed interest into totally revamping their diet by solids, but aren't aware of or think about, the liquids. I think what you drink is almost as important and what you eat i.e. crazy amount of sugar in your Rock Star and iced tea. You don't have to sacrifice your everyday pleasures, just limit them. If people refuse, then don't complain that you're not seeing results.

I agree that following a clean diet and reaping the rewards completely comes down to a personal responsibility issue. Quite frankly, any of us that tries to adhere to strict dietary plan can attest: it is a huge pain in the a**. The corporate food industry has the deck stacked against you---this is why MCDonald's makes billions worldwide and your local organic food store struggles to stay open.

I guess the real topic for debate that I was trying to bring up is something that everyone probably has a different take on: when does
following a diet or a conditioning plan with the intent of improving your life become so cumbersome that it starts to accomplish the reverse?

McDonalds is cheaper than your local organic store. I don't go to either cuz McDonalds is refried dog s@it and my wallet won't let me shop organic.

Dedication, determination and discipline will be the deciding factors as to how one would view their new way of life as cumbersome. Many give up due to the burden of trying to live a strict lifestyle of a healthy diet. Some will binge. Some will change their lifestyle forever and not think twice about it. So I guess my answer to your question is this:
Every individual is different. Some people just don't do diets. Therefore, the burden comes quick. Some will make it their life. Therefore, the burden never comes.
Some will plateau and get frustrated and quit. Others will maintain and be happy.

Bottom line: I don't care who you are or what you think you are, everyone finds diets to be a huge pain in the arse. Eventually everyone falls off the wagon.

Once again, I agree with everything you're saying--which is frightening. I definitely fall into the category of those who binge. As far as the organic goes--it is way overpriced. One thing that I do (and highly recommend for others as far as cost savings) is to develop a relationship with a local butcher and/or rancher--split the cost with a few people and buy a whole cow. You know what you are eating (as far as what hormones are used and not used), you get the best cuts of meat, and after the initial cost (usually around $3/pound) your savings is enormous. The last time I bought 3 whole strip loins and 1 tender loin which totaled out at around 50lbs and spent about $160. The strips were cut to about a pound a piece and the filets to about 8oz--start doing the math and the cost per meal was quite little.

That's a good idea. My Dad is an avid hunter so I'm kinda banking on him being very successful this year and getting a crap load of meat from him. Also, hitting up the farmers markets is very cost effective for produce. Way cheaper and fresher than store bought. And my puerto rican neighbor grows some nice stuff and gives me toms. cucumbers, etc. so buddying up with your neighbors that have gardens is helpful. Hey, we can all be fake to get what we want, right?

in regards to organic food, a way to make it more affordable is by limiting yourself to only buying organic when you can't thoroughly clean and scrub the exterior surface. i don't remember where i heard this tip, but i guess it may work.

for example things i buy organic are:

broccoli, salad/greens, cauliflower, berries in general and dates

things i don't buy organic are:

apples, oranges, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to name a few.

see the difference? it's a pretty good balance of cost effectiveness and healthfulness.

or am i totally full of s**t? who knows...i feel good though so maybe i'm right.

"chicken for a week". Courtesy of my lovely wife, Mrs. CJ, aka "kristine".

day 1: buy rotisserie chicken at wegmans, or make your own (really not that hard. i can do it). eat this chicken with salad or vegetables.

day 2: repeat day 1 with different sides.

day 3: Make a lovely chicken salad with perhaps apples, craisins and walnuts and a yogurt dressing. once done eating, scrape all remaining chicken off of carcass and put in plastic bag. then take carcass and put in large stock pot. add water to cover carcass, a chopped onion, carrot, tomato, celery and some white wine if you have some open. bring to a boil then simmer (on LOW) for 6-12 hours (basically overnight)

day 4: wake up and strain stock and place strained liquid in something to cool and put in fridge. That night, skim off the fat and set aside the remaining, non-fatty stock.
now, chop up 4 carrots, 4 celery stalks (including greens), 2 small yellow onions and 4 cloves of garlic. sautee these in a large soup pot with olive oil pepper and red pepper flakes. once tender, add your stock and chicken meat. bring to boil, then lower heat and simmer. add 1 chopped tomato, the juice of 1/2 lemon and 2 handfuls of uncooked spinach leaves. once spinach is wilted, you are ready to eat this delicious soup.

eat soup for several days in a row, because you will now have a lot of delicious soup.

and men, i did this, so you can too. super easy.

CJ, tThe only problem with that is that my fat ass can take down a whole yard bird in one sitting without breaking a sweat.

An addendum to CJ's chicken post, I'm a big fan of the Wegmans pre-cooked chicken. I always strip all the meat away from the carcass when I get it home and put the meat into containers for easy use later. This way if I'm not going to be able to eat it within a reasonable time I can stick it in the freezer for later.

I'm a big proponent of buying local whenever possible, then organic, then whatever. I want to know where my food comes from and I'd rather it came from some farm in East Aurora then California!

Roaster Chicken w/ sauteed onion and peppers over rice.
1 large onion chopped
1 large green pepper chopped
Any rice you like

Coat a saute/frying pan with olive oil and preheat at medium heat until the oil starts to smoke. Add veggies and more oil as needed and salt and pepper to taste.

Saute the veggies until they're soft and slightly caramelized then add the chicken. Continue to saute until the chicken has warmed to your liking.

Plate saute over the rice and you're ready to chow. I'd pair it with a nice IPA for you beer drinkers, no Bub Hubie, or a Merlot.

FYI. There will most likely be more veggies then you'll need for this meal. Take whatever you don't use and drop them in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer for later use.

easy breakfast:

1 cup cottage cheese, 1% milkfat (28g Protein)
2 clementines (peeled and split into sections)
1/2 banana
2 tablespoons ground flax seed meal (4.5g Fat)
Honey to taste, if you'd like.

mix and eat. a delicious breakfast thats right around 40/30/30.

Since I've just moved back to Buffalo after 7 years, can anyone please recommend good local grown food markets? I don't mind a drive but would prefer to stay in the Williamsville/Amherst/Clarence area. Thanks!

wegmans has good stuff, summer time local stuff. good organic stuff too.
the niagara produce market is awesome. its at the millersport/transit intersection. kind of a hike, but worth the stuff.
in the summer, most towns have local markets. i live in williamsville so i go to that one, but tonawanda's is really good too.
thats pretty much the extent of what i know

since we were talking about recipes today, I'll add one..

Turkey burgers :)

1 lb lean turkey meat (I get the 94% fat free, the 99% is way too lean)
1/2 chopped up cooking onion
garlic, or garlic seasoning
1 egg
any kind of spice you like, I usually use about 1 tsp of season all and 1 tsp of paprika
last time I used season all and yellow hot curry powder..


the best ingredient

2 tbsp of cashew butter. Don't forget it :)

grill them up and keep the rest in a container for future meals. I have a grill pan, and grill sliced zuchini or yellow squash with them.. yum!

Pancakes.. revised

Ok, so since I've realized that the devastating pumpkin shortage is true, I've resorted to

Almond Paleo Pancakes (serves one)

1/4 cup almond meal
1/4 cup of coconut milk ( I used the lowfat version)
1 egg
coconut oil for the pan
2 stevia packets (optional)
cinnamon (optional)

For toppings you can get creative and do fruit puree's which im sure are good. Last time I sliced up an apple and wrapped these crepe-like pancakes around them.. not bad!

these are more like a mealy version of crepes. I still stay true to my pumpkin pancakes as they taste like real ones. Here is the recipe for when it does come back on the shelves.

Pumpkin Pancakes

1/4 cup of 100% pure pumpkin puree
1 egg
1/2 scoop of chocolate (or whatever other flavor) protein powder. I use metabolic dr (found on the store at because it tastes amazing, anything else tastes gross and I would advise to skip it totally. I think they may stick together.

You can also use 1/4 cup oats (not instant or quick, those give it a gross texture)

and stevia for a bit of sweetness (3 packets)

spray the pan

top with your favorite nut butter.

until my next experimentation in the kitchen, I have a spaghetti squash just waiting to be manipulated. I don't even know where to begin with that, or why I even purchased it.. perhaps due to my pumpkin shortage related anxiety. The only thing left on the shelves at the Lexington Co-op were two cans of b.s. pumpkin pie mix, at 100 cals/ serving vs the normal 40 I'm used to.. with a sh*t ton of unnecessary sugar. Bleh, I'm over it.. Dave, I'm sure you'll enjoy this little rant of mine :)

spaghetti squash:

cut in half, place in a square glass dish in the microwave with some water and the halves upside down. steam until tender. scrape out the spaghetti like pulp with a fork and sautee, bake, etc.

Grass fed steak with whole grain mustard.

You will need:

Two Wegmans (I'm not brand loyal. Just usually get them from there) grass fed sirloin steaks
Extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
onion powder
garlic powder

pre heat oven to 350 degrees. Rub or brush steaks with oil and season with whatever you like. The ones listed are just my go to ones for steak. Heat a cast iron skillet (indispensable in the kitchen and a must have. Inexpensive and you will use it everyday for just about anything)over med-high heat. When it is good and hot sear the steaks on both sides for about a min each. Stick the whole skillet in the oven (one of the nice things about cast iron) and cook for 10-15 min depending on how well done you like it. Take out and let stand a min. Is great just like that or top it with whatever you like. I used whole grain mustard with Guiness (from Wegmans of course)

Serve with spinach side salad:

Organic baby spinach (spinach is one of the veggies you def want to go organic on)
red onion
extra virgin olive oil
fresh lime juice

Good recipe for mussels.

You'll need"

Mussels (duh) about a pound to a pound and a half Whatever.
Olive oil
diced onion
diced tomato
low sodium chicken broth
white wine
turkey sausage (or whatever of your choice)
minced garlic

1 Sautee the garlic in the oil in a large skillet until the garlic is golden brown
2 add the onion and continue to sautee ove med to hi heat
3 when the onions start to turn soft add the can of broth and maybe a cup or so of the white wine. bring to a slow simmer under low to med heat
4 slice the sausage and add to the skillet. let it cook for a bit covered.
5 add the mussels and cover
6 stir occasionally. mussels are done when they open and usually turn a shade of orange.
7 spoon out what you want. I eat it over spinach. Wifey likes it over egg noodles.

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