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November 01, 2011


Hey guys 1st time visiter to this site. There are some awesome things going on here! I'm a 24 yr old male who has gone from athletic in-shape lean guy to lazy sit on the couch and eat chips guy... and I'm absolutely not proud of it. I've been meaning to get to the gym recently to start up a new lifting program implementing cardio, weights, some ab work, etc... but with my work schedule and other demands it's honestly tough to get to the gym and put an hr's work into a training session... but THIS crossfit stuff looks incredible! These 8 minute workouts look like more than I've done in hours at the gym. I want in... and I live close to your location. I'd love to start ASAP!

Kharts. Thanks for your interest! Go to the contact info and give us a call or e mail so we can tell you more about the program!

Dave, I kinda wanna do today's WOD @ CFB but do you by any chance do pay per visit? I'm not a member yet

Not sure if you have reached Dave via another method but I believe there is a drop in fee for that kind of pay per visit schedule. Give Dave a call and I'm sure he can tell you more about it.

4 rounds 95 lb snatch

3 1/2 rounds rxd

4 Rds & 1 HPS

2 rounds(+3snatch+2wall) climbs. 55#

Nice job guys! Glad you made it in Cristobal.

Thanks Allyse! I ended up joining anyway haha. I figured I might as well.

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