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July 11, 2011


hold up this one is gonna take a min....

Tomorrow is so far away when u work at the post office.

Just wanted to say that I has blast on sat at the games!!! Our team did great, way to go Holly with the huge jump rope! Thanks to everyone who came to watch, it was awesome being around our crossfit family :) you guys rock!

Dave, Thanks for the WOD this AM. Great to get out and see CF Buffalo, and Thanks for the help on the cleans.
CrossFit Smyrna

Aahhh, the three r's of crossfit. Run, row, repeat!

Thanks again Molly for keeping me motivated through that 2nd mile... Brutal! 26:55
Was super psyched about my 1st mile time = was something around 8 min... that is a personal record for me :)

7:50 for your first mile jill nice job thanks for helping me too, that was horrible. 26:46

26:56...jill and molly you were there in spirit during my workout...thanks for giving me amazing times to shoot for!

Umm just throwing it out there I think we should get stupid pumped about next yrs games I dont like sitting arround watching all these other boxes have all the fun. I know ill b ready keep working hard cfb and lets get ready! Btw great job on tdays wod.

I'll make this one up Thursday...and be dreading it every second until then!

23:01 the erg was rough though


- run 1 mile
- jacobs ladder, 800 ft
- run 1 mile


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