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December 22, 2010


A tough WOD dedicated to one of our fallen soldiers. 21 is way too young but my thoughts and prayers are with Blake's family.
10 rds + 8 pushups. 55lbs

9 rds +11 push ups
Thank you Blake.

hey Blake this one is for you thank you for your dedication and your courage.
rxd 14rds

A Soldiers Prayer

by Private Allan Osborne

O Lord to thee on bended knee
I make to you, my humble plea;
To always do my very best
To bring to all, peace and rest.

Without a fear, without delay
To go along lifes darkened way,
To carry on our Christian Faith;
Helping all of allied race.

God help to keep our spirits high
As we go onward, Do or Die,
In spite of danger from enemy gun;
We kneel in prayer, when day done.

When these days are forever past,
Please bring to all a peace to last.
When the sun shines through the rain
Thy weary heart shall bear no pain.

And when you bring this peace to men,
Please send us homeward - once again.


For The Memory of SPC Whipple-
Lord, teach us goodness, discipline and wisdom and these gifts will keep us from becoming hardened by evil, weakened by laziness or ignorant or ingorant because of foolishness.

For The Rest of You-
Remember it's good kids like this that pave the road to your free lives every single day with their blood.

8 & 10+5 w/ 125lbs and bench jumps. Thank you for your sacrifice, Blake.

SPC Whipple, thank you for your service.

For what it's worth, the service and memory of a guy I didn't even know pushed me through the last five rounds of the workout in his name.

Dave and CFB family, I wish I was there tonight with you all. Please pass SPC parents my deepest sympathy.

Woody, your words gave me goosebumps, I read them right before my WOD.

10 rds + 11 rxd

It was an honor to particpate in the WOD tonight. It was great to see CFB packed as well. I'm sure it meant alot to Blake's family.
Thank you Blake.

5 rds +16 rx'd (Tendonitis in my knee kicked in and finished the last 5 min w/ PU's)

9 rds + 3 squat cleans 75lbs Awesome job everyone. My heart goes out to Blake and his family.

thank you Blake, RIP, to all service men/women thank you for your sacrifice!!!

10 full rounds, was great to see everyone paying homage to Blake!

9 rds + 2 PUs. I know everyone pushed hard tonight. RIP Blake, thank you for your sacrifice.

Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice. Your service to your country is what allows us to live the life of freedom, Blake, for that we are forever in your debit. Great work last night everyone, I was proud to be able to be a part of it.

Fantastic turnout last night. The Whipple family is an inspiration...wonderful, strong people. Thanks to Colin, Alex and Crossfit Buffalo for putting this together...and thanks to Blake who I will never meet, but volunteered his life for me, and for all of us, to have the freedom that we enjoy every day. 8 rds + 11 PU's + 1 Clean (65/75lbs).

There's a line in a song by Toby Keith called 'American Soldier' that goes "...I'm out here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight...". Those words have much more meaning after meeting Blake's family and sharing in the fellowship of last evening's activities. Crossfit humbles me everyday, but last night was different.

Whip: 9 rounds + 1 clean, rx'd. Thank you, Blake, for your service to our country and way of life that we all value. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Rx'd; 13 +11+2

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